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Padang Bai, Bali


Padang Bai is East of Bali and is known for being the harbour for departing to Lombok, Gili Trawangan and other Indonesian destinations.

Padang Bai is a small traditional village in Bali, which is the home to many fast boat companies.

Although Padang Bai is an extremely busy harbour with tourists and locals passing through daily, it is very much an overlooked destination for tourists visiting Bali.


Most tourists only visit Padang Bai to travel to the Gili islands or to Lombok by fast boat. With only spending one hour there, at the harbour or in a small café waiting for their fast boat to depart. Most tourists don’t see the beauty of Padang Bai.


Padang Bai isn’t just a harbour but it is a dive location. The ocean surrounding Padang Bai, Blue lagoon and Candidasa has amazing visibility under water and is a great dive location. In the small fishing village; Padang Bai you will find Dive Schools here to join and see divers exploring the ocean daily.


Just like the Gili islands, Padang Bai is the home to many fishing boats and dive boats parked at the shore. It is easy for tourists to organize a trip out with a local fishing boat. Hundreds of tourists pass through Padang Bai each day on their way to their next Indonesian island, therefore all most all of the locals working in Padang Bai can speak English.

Padang Bai, Bali Fast boats
Padang Bai, Bali

Locals will direct you to hostels, homestays and dive schools when rocking up at Padang Bai. Padang Bai is a small village so all the small cafes and hostels are accessible and easy to find.


Just a five minute walk up the hill from Padang Bai harbour you will find Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon has a great view down onto the beach and out to the ocean. The beach seems like a secret location as it is so quiet. The ocean is crystal clear and the beach is small, placed within rocks making a lagoon. Blue Lagoon is peaceful and untouched, you will find nothing here apart from one café and a few local ladies working on the beach and café.

Blue lagoon, fast boats, padang bai
Blue Lagoon, Bali


You can really see why Bali is referred to as the ‘Island of Gods’ at Padang Bai. Many Hindu ceremonies take place every day and it won’t be a surprise if you see a ceremony or locals in their white Hindu clothing after or before praying. Hindu ceremonies take place all over Bali, but it is particularly obvious in Padang Bai. It is a great experience if you are able to see a ceremony with the locals walking in floods of white clothing, Balinese music and giving blessings to the Gods.


Overall we recommend Padang Bai as a destination for tourists, especially those travelling to the Gilis or Lombok next by fast boat or the ferry. Spend a few days at Padang Bai – Try diving, complete a course or rent a locals fishing boat. Explore the depths of the ocean, filled with beautiful coral. Enjoy the quiet Balinese village with great views before hopping on the fast boat to the Gilis of Lombok!

The two sides of Gili Trawangan | fast boats

The Two Sides of Gili Trawangan


Gili Trawangan, the biggest of the three Gili islands has now grown into one of the top destinations in the world! Gili Trawangan often referred to as Gili T is on most travellers wish list!

Travellers are travelling to Bali and Lombok just to reach Gili Trawangan by fast boat!



Gili Trawangan everywhere! If your not there, then your hearing about it, if your not hearing about it then your scrolling past photos of the island on social media!

Bali has kept its place in one of the top destinations in the whole entire world for a while now. But now people are arriving in Bali just so they can have the Gili experience!


Padang Bai, Bali is filled with thousands of tourists daily passing through to reach Gili Trawangan by fast boat. Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno actually belong to Lombok – Bali’s sister island.


All three Gili islands are popular. Particularly Gili Air is growing in popularity every day, catching up with Gili Trawangan.


Most tourists are taken away by the laid back, island vibe. When arriving in the Gilis, most tourists are often stunned by the colour of the ocean when they stare out from the fast boat. The islands are so tiny, they have no cars – just horse and cart and push bikes. Most streets are dirt tracks and sandy, with the main street following the edge of the beach around the island.


It is not unusual to hear travellers say ‘I want a photo on the swing’ or ‘Where is the ocean swing?’ when arriving in Gili Trawangan! Villa Ombak created a vintage looking swing in the shore of the ocean in front of their hotel, making this a world wide attraction. You can find famous photos of the vintage looking swing on all social media apps and sites! This swing most definitely helped boost Gili Trawangan in becoming so famous.


Ombak Sunset Swing
Ombak Sunset Swing


But what is it exactly that travellers love about Gili T? Why do backpackers adore this tiny island so much?

Most travellers put it down to the ‘two sides of the island’

Gili Trawangan, is a beautiful island. It is just how most people would picture paradise to look like. The crystal clear ocean, white dusty sand and laid back nature. The island has a reggae vibe to the island with many raster locals and the main bar being a reggae bar. People love the fact that there isn’t much to do except simply.. Relax! Most days are spent in the ocean and on the beach… Divers from all around the world visit the Gilis to dive and often the Gilis will steal their hearts.

Tourists from all around the world gather at sunset for bonfires, drumming and beers. The Gilis has a reputation for having the best sunsets!

After sunset is where the other side of Gili T creeps out… Gili Trawangan is the party island. Gili T is famous and often referred to as the party island! Each night a different bar owns the night and all travellers gather together in one location to party! Backpackers love to party in Gili Trawangan as it has a unique party rule… There is only one party in one location every night. Tourists are guaranteed to see each other again, Saturday night is the famous Sama Sama reggae bar. Sunday night is Evolution bar and so on….

Twice a month Gili Trawangan has their famous beach parties. Full moon and dark moon party! Everyone on the island comes together at Surf bar – the surf point of the island and parties until sunrise.

Travellers love the freedom of the island, it’s kind of a dream – beautiful and relaxed by day and wild and free by night.

The nature of the island draws people back again and again. It isn’t often you hear of a traveller being to Gili T just once! The island is special and often referred to as a backpackers ‘favourite place in the whole of South East Asia’


Now, you decide… What do you think of the famous, tiny Gili Trawangan?!


Book your fast boat tickets to travel to Gili T from Lombok and Bali at




Diving in the Gilis

Diving in the Gilis

The Gili islands is one of the top locations for diving and snorkeling in Indonesia. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air is known for being the turtle capital of the world!

The ocean remains around 28 degrees Celsius all year round with a huge amount of marine life. The Gili islands are popular for beginner divers up to experienced divers.

The marine life is incredibly diverse and has the world’s favorite turtles, lion fish, octopus, rays, scorpion fish, sea snakes and much more.

Dive in gili fast boat from bali
Diving in the Gilis

There are twenty five sites located around Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. All dive courses on the islands are set at a fixed rate, so you can choose the dive school you would like to dive with based on the school, equipment and location.

Diving is one of the most popular reasons that travelers travel to the Gilis. Gili Trawangan is known for the common routine of diving by day, partying by night. The island is packed with tourists traveling through from Bali by fast boat to generally visit for a few days, spending their time diving and partying.

Most tourists arrive to Gili from Bali. The fast boats leave daily from Bali. One of the harbours in Bali, Padang Bai also is a dive location. Although this is a popular dive spot, most travelers still make their way on fast boat to the Gili islands to visit the tiny paradise island.

Dive in gili fast boat from bali
Photo via Dive Central Gili

The Gili islands have numerous dive schools, with Dive Central Gili being the newest in Gili Trawangan and a few dive schools located on the same street.

The turquoise ocean with breathtaking dive locations are just minutes away from the Dive Schools in the Gilis. The diving is so amazing, that tourists in Lombok visit daily to dive at the dive sites in the Gilis daily.


We recommend travelers to research Dive schools before arriving, so you can begin diving as soon as you arrive! The crystal depths of the ocean awaits!



Senggigi, Lombok

Sengigi, Lombok

Senggigi is the main tourist strip in the whole of Lombok, Indonesia. Sengigi strip is full of souvenir shops, restaurants and small bars. Senggigi is the most popular desitination in Lombok but it still remains a quiet, beach town. Senggigi, like Kuta Bali, has a beach miles long reaching the north of Mataram City, Lombok.

Although Senggigi is just one hour by fast boat from Bali and twenty minutes from the developed Gili islands, it is yet to be anything like built up, Bali.

Senggigi tourism is always growing,  but it still has no large night clubs and night life suited for western tourists. Although there are small warungs, bars and some local karaoke bars for tourists to enjoy, there are no large, busy clubs like other holiday destinations.

Senggigi’s traffic is almost non existence, the laid back atmosphere and nature of the island carries right through, even in tourist areas. Senggigi is a perfect place to cruise around, location to location on motorbike or with car. The drive up and down the hills is a breathtaking drive with magnificent beach views of Senggigi beach and the harbour. Whilst looking over Lombok you almost always see the green, fresh scenery of palm trees and rice fields everywhere, even on the drive reaching Mataram City.

Sengigi is a special tourist destination because of the less developed town, yet tourists can still feel comfortable in. You will find spectacular holidays resorts next to quiet local warungs and close by primitive villages.

Senggigi, is often compared to Bali twenty years ago because of their similarities of the green natural scenery, laid back towns and hippy travelers traveling through. Senggigi all together is a special place and we urge you to travel there whilst the town remains a beautiful, peaceful beach town. With the fast boat being just a one hour journey from Padang Bai, Bali. Lombok is a DO NOT MISS destination. We hope all travellers, travelling through Indonesia has the chance to visit Lombok to see a town for tourists, yet is incredibly beautiful and very Indonesian style.


The Surf

The surf in Lombok is a less crowded version of Bali surf. Surfing in Senggigi is usually ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers, the surf usually hits Senggigi throughout the year. The surf break is directly in front of Senggigi Beach hotel, which is the centre of Senggigi. Senggigi also can have big surf , breaking in shallow water over the sharp reef, this is suited for advanced and experienced surfers.

Senggigi Surf
Senggigi Surf

The Diving

In Senggigi you will find numerous Dive Centres, in Senggigi you can dive at Senggigi beach breakwater. The shallow dive here is around 6 to 8 meters deep and there is also another dive a little deeper. The shallow dive is among all the rocks and coral and the deeper dive you will find bigger tropical fishes. Most dive centres will travel on the boat to the Gili islands and have 2 to 3 dives there in the day, this is a wonderful adventure out from Senggigi. Gili islands has amazing marine life, such a great coral, sharks, turtles, a ship wreck and rays.

Turtles in Gili
Turtles in Gili

The Food

Along Sengigi strip you will find various restaurants, there are many local warungs where you will find cheap Indonesian food. BBQs with fresh fish and other meat options. There are affordable, fine dining, western restaurants such as Asmara. Asmara is an affordable, fine dining restaurant in the centre of Senggigi, it is a popular restaurants for expats and tourists visiting Senggigi. Asmara serves various western delights and wines. There are also other cheaper western restaurants where you can buy a meal and a drink for under $5. Warung Belindo Roast House is one of the newest small restaurants, with roast chicken dinners, sandwiches and homemade fries and western treats, Warung Belindo Roast House offers free home delivery to anyone staying in Senggigi.

The Shopping

Senggigi has many souvenir shops along the strip. You will find the standard Indonesian souvenirs, such as clothes, sarongs, ordiments and home feautres. There are also a few small boutiques full of home furniture and ordiments and boutique clothing. The Pink Coconut boutique is a clothing shop in Senggigi which stocks many high street favourites from Bali. The store is full of fashionable womans clothes and home ware, the shop is often compared to Bamboo Blonde and other women clothing shops in Bali.

The Pink Coconut, Senggigi
The Pink Coconut, Senggigi

The Waterfalls

The waterfalls at Senaru is a 2 hour drive from Senggigi, but is a popular day trip for tourists staying in Senggigi. It is easy to organize a driver for a day from any tourist information in Senggigi. You can also rent motorbikes to travel to the waterfalls. When arriving at the waterfalls, you will find the first waterfall, this waterfall is great for photos and for the views. The next waterfall is where you can swim, it is about a forty minute treck to reach this waterfall. When reaching the next waterfall, it feels freezing considering you are in South East Asia, but it is so refreshing. The scenery and views are amazing on the way to the second waterfall and when you arrive, the waterfall looks and feels wonderful!

Which fast boat is for you? | fast boat

Fast Boats

We have put together a list of the small, yet important details of the fast boat companies. We hope this helps you choose which fast boat company to travel with!


Marina SriKandi

Marina SriKandi has four fast boats. In high season the four fast boats are running daily, Marina SriKandi created the concept of ‘One boat, one island’ this means when you travel with Marina SriKandi in high season you will travel direct to your destination with no stop offs at other islands. All four of Marina SriKandi fast boats are accompanied with air con.

Marina Srikandi
Marina Srikandi

Marina SriKandi Engines


Wahana fast boat company opened in 2010 and has two fast boats, both with aircon. Wahana fast boat runs daily from Padang Bai from Bali to Lombok, Gili Trawangan and Gili Air.

Wahana Fast Boat
Wahana fast boat
Wahana - inside
Wahana – inside


SemayaOne has six fast boats. SemayaOne has morning and afternoon boats running daily to and from Padang Bai, Bali – Lombok – Gili Air and Gili Trawangan.

semayaone outside


Eka Jaya

Eka Jaya is one of the original fast boat companies. Eka Jaya has three large fast boats. Eka Jaya tends to be a favourite to many guests using the fast boats regularly. Eka Jaya has air con and two large TV’s with a movie showing every journey. Eka Jaya is one of the fastest fast boats out of all of the fast boat companies.

Eka Jaya Fast Boat
Eka Jaya Fast Boat
Eka Jaya Fast Boat
The inside of Eka Jaya

Blue Water Express

Blue Water Express is the longest running fast boat service with two daily departures. Blue Water Express fast boat leaves from Serangan harbour in the South of Bali. The fast boat is accompanied with air con and high standard pick up services.

Inside of Blue Water Express
Inside of Blue Water Express

Gili Cat Fast Boat

Gili Cat fast boat is an Australian ownded company. The boat is an aluminium hulled boat made in Australia to Australia standards. Gili Cat fast boat leaves daily from Padang Bai in Bali.


Gili Cat
Gili Cat Fast Boat

Gili GetAway

Gili GetAway is the only fast boat company that offers all year round, direct transport from Serangan harbour, Bali direct to the Gili islands. There are no stop offs in Lombok or Padang Bai, Bali. Gili Get Away offers chilled towels and refreshments on board. Gili Get Away has a roof terrace you can bake on, on the way to Gili and an air con inside.

Super Scoot fast boat

Super Scoot isn’t just a transfer passenger service, it is also known for being a tourist and tour service. Scoot cruises the tropical triangle of Bali, Lembongan island, Lombo and Gili Air and Gili Trawangan. Scoot is insured by Lloyds Insurance (London)


Super Scoot Fast Boat
Super Scoot Fast Boat

Kuda Hitam

Kuda Hitam is the only fast boat running from Amed, Bali. There is a daily departure to Bangsal (Lombok), Gili Trawangan, Gili Air amd even Gili Meno. Kuda Hitam has been in operation for the past three years and known for being safe and reliable.

Kuda Hitam
Kuda Hitam

Gili Gili Fast boat

Gili Gili fast boat is an Indonesian owned company. The fast boat runs from Bali to Lombok, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan. Gili Gili fast boat is favourable as it runs from both Padang Bai, Bali and Serangan Harbour, Bali. The fast boat is air conditioned and you will receive a complimentary cake, water and face towel on board.

Inside of Gili Gili Fast boat
Inside of Gili Gili Fast boat

Gili Ombak Express

Gili Ombak Express is still a quite new fast boat company. Gili Ombak Express opened in January 2014. The fast boat offers daily transfers to and from Padang Bai, Teluk Kode (Lombok) and Gili Air and Gili Trawangan.

Fast Boat Ombak Express
Fast Boat Ombak Express
Inside of Ombak Express
Inside of Ombak Express

The story of Kuta and what still remains | Fast boat

Kuta, Bali


Kuta, Bali – What once was an innocent fishing village, with an ever going beach front and a huge surf break, is now one of the most known tourist destinations in the world! One backpackers paradise to another ones hell.
In the 1930’s a young surfer from California and his wife were the first to discover the tourism potential that Kuta held. Robert and Louise Koke left the USA to start a Hotel in Kuta, Bali.
“It was Kuta … the broad, white sand beach curved away for miles, huge breakers spreading on clean sand.”
They then went on to create Kuta Beach Hotel.
Since then, Bali grew to be one of the destinations for gypsy, backpackers traveling through India on their way to Australia. Soon after, many warungs, restaurants and home stays were created to accommodate the surf village visitors.
From then Kuta is continuously developing, from being one of the poorest areas in Bali to a chaotic and over crowded commercial town.
Due to increasing tourism the old Kuta has 100% disappeared and now is known for being Australia’s playground.
Although the old Kuta has now transformed into a commercial town with a chaotic and busy life style, there still remains reasons why Kuta may be a guilty pleasure for a lot of us.

1. Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport

When arriving in Bali. Kuta is incredibly easy to access from the Airport, being just a fifteen minute drive away. Kuta holds hundreds of hotels and home stays with various prices suiting all types of travelers. Kuta is an easy stop destination when arriving and departing from Bali.


2. Surfing

One thing that certainly hasn’t changed in Kuta is the surf break. People from all over the world still travel to surf at Kuta beach. Kuta beach is a perfect place to learn how to surf, with many surf schools and hundreds of local surf instructors on the beach. The surf break is perfect for beginners and advanced surfers. Beginner surfers don’t need to worry about having a surf board, there are hundreds of surf stands with boards to rent!
Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach


3. The Night life

Legian street belongs to Kuta and is one of the craziest streets in South East Asia! Legian street tends to be a lot of people’s guilty pleasure. Legian street is the most commercial street in Bali with hundreds of small bars, restaurants and huge night clubs. Sky Garden is four floors high and has eight venues within it, this is the biggest entertainment in Bali Other than Sky Garden, there are many other night clubs opened till the early hours of the morning, which are packed with tourists and locals seven nights a week! 
Kuta night life
Kuta night life

4. Tour Agencies

Kuta has to be one of the easiest places to access tour agencies in Bali. Kuta has many small streets, like the famous Poppies 1 and Poppies 2 along with much more streets which have Tour Agencies. You will be able to find a Tour Agency on every street and around every corner. Tour agencies are able to organize you transport to Padang Bai, fast boats to Gili Trawangan. Before this website and other online options were created, the tour agencies were the only way you could access fast boat tickets. Tour agencies can organize day trips throughout Bali, shuttle buses to your next destination in Bali and so much more!


5. Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali is the number 1 water park in all of Asia and has been rated as the third best water park in the world by Trip Advisor! Waterbom is perfect for the whole family, with a choice of lazy rivers, thrilling slides and swim up pool bars. This leisure capital has something for everyone.
Waterbom Bali
Waterbom Bali


6. Shopping

Kuta has thousands of shops from small cheap gift shops to high street, fashion in shopping malls. Kuta is a perfect place to purchase any gifts or souvenirs to take home with you! As well as gifts, there are thousands of cheap clothes that will cost little to nothing! Kuta has big shopping malls with shops and brands from the Western World! Beach Walk Shopping Mall, has a huge choice of brands from Europe, Australia and the USA. Other than shops, you will also find a cinema and many restaurants in Beach Walk Bali.



Choosing your fast boat | fast boats

What to consider when you are choosing your fast boat

Easy Gili Transfers offers a range of fast boats, therefore you have the opportunity to choose the fast boat company that suits you best!
Our first bit of advice we want to give you is; CHECK your LOCATION – Where are you? Where are you planning on being when you depart Bali to Gilis or Lombok. This is important as some fast boats depart from Serangan harbour or Padang Bai harbour.
Most fast boats depart daily from Padang Bai. If you are closer to Serangan harbour area you may want to check the fast boats departing from there. Departing from Serangan also means you need to consider that your boat journey will be longer than if you were departing from Padang Bai.
Check a map, you can see Padang Bai, Bali is much closer to Lombok and the Gilis.

Bali Colourful Map
Map of Bali via Pinterest

Next consider what time you would like to depart from Bali. There are a few fast boat companies that run in the morning and afternoon and even early evening. Depending what season you are in Bali, will determine what company is still running their afternoon boats.
Marina SriKandi; one of the original fast boat companies runs from Padang Bai and has a number of fast boats leaving in the morning. Depending if it is high season or low season, Marina Sri Kandi runs afternoon fast boats from Gili Trawangan and Bali.

Marina Sri Kandi Fast Boat
Marina Sri Kandi Fast Boat

Maybe you aren’t a morning person and would like to travel from Bali to Gilis a little later than the six am wake up call to start your journey to Padang Bai.
You can also find the ten am pick up option where you can start your journey later in the morning. Check out our fast boats page for more info on the fast boats.
Next to consider.. Are you on a budget? How much is your budget? Check through the fast boat options when booking for the best and most affordable fast boat company for you.
The fast boats are various prices, some costing a similar amount and some being more expensive by quite a bit.
All fast boats we offer are safe and reliable, yet some offer more options and are smaller with less customers to provide an easy, straight forward journey. Some boat companies, which are usually more expensive than the average fast boat company gives you the choice to leave from Serangan harbour or Padang Bai.
On our booking page you will find the variety of fast boats and prices. Email us for any inquiries;


When you are returning back to Bali from Gilis or Lombok, remember to check in twenty four hours before. You will be advised this on the fast boat to your destination. It is important to do so, as fast boats can become full rather quickly, especially in high season. We actually ask you to consider checking in fourty eight hours before in high season to avoid disappointment especially the months July and August.

Now you can head over to our fast boat page to choose yours!

Where to eat in Gili Trawangan | fast boat gili bali lombok

Gili Trawangan – Where to eat?
Gili Trawangan, the busiest island of the three Gilis has transformed quickly to a paradise island with a cosmopolitan town.
Gili Trawangan has a wide selection of restaurants to choose from.
When you arrive on the fast boat from Bali or Lombok, you may be feeling hungry and exhausted after your early morning journey to paradise!

Don’t worry the harbour is in the central of the island where you will find many restaurants and bars, so you can stop for a snack before heading to your hotel!


Kayu Cafe
Kayu cafe opened in 2013. Since then Kayu cafe has easily had the best reputation on the island for breakfast and afternoon snacks.

Kayu cafe is popular for its delicious cakes and coffee. Kayu cafe offers a range of deserts and cakes, including Raw chocolate, healthy protein balls and raw protein bars. Otherwise if your feeling like a naughty snack, it is hard to resist the range of delicious cakes they have to offer.
Kayu has a western feel inside and out. On a hot day, Kayu is a perfect spot to enjoy a salad or sandwich away from the sun, inside with cold air-con. You can also choose to sit outside facing the beach, in the open air, stylish wooden venue, made from antique wood.

Kayu Cafe Gili Trawangan
Kayu Cafe Gili T


Pesona Resort
Pesona is just a short walk from the harbour but still remains in the hub of the island. Pesona Resort is among other restaurants in the central of the island and sits on the beach front facing out to the ocean.
Pesona Resort is a great place to eat, being the only Indian restaurant on the island! Pesona is known for serving delicious Indian treats made with imported spices. As well as the delicious food, they also offer sheesha. Each table has sheesha with a range of flavours to choose from. With Pesona’s comfortable settings, it is hard to say no to sheesha and cocktails after enjoying a yummy Indian meal. Cocktails are another favourite here, with happy hour daily in the evening. This is the perfect place to sit back, relax and dine whilst watching island life go by. 

Indian Cuisine
Indian Cuisine

Scally Wags
Scally Wags is located beach front on the southern side of the island. Just a little away from the central. You will see Scally Wags is located where you can watch beautiful views of Lomboks coast and Mount Rinjani. Scally Wags is well known for it’s popular, busy venue with a wide range of food. Scally Wags offers BBQ with fresh fish and meat to choose from and delicious meals prepared in the kitchen. Scally Wags is accompanied with a busy, lively atmosphere suitable for all people; couples, families and groups of friends!

Le Pirate Beach Club

Le Pirate Beach Club is a newly open resort on the island. Le Pirate is a great location to escape from the center and enjoy resort life. The food at Le Pirate is great, here you can use the facilities when you purchase a meal or maybe if you feel like a few cocktails. Le Pirate serve fresh coconuts, delicious smoothies and cocktails as well as great food. Their pool is over looking the beach and out to Lombok. On a clear day you can also see Bali. 

Regina Pizza
Regina Pizza easily has the most delicious pizza on the island, as well as delicious they are big enough to share. Regina pizza is located on the second street of the island directly one street behind the harbour. Regina Pizza is Italian owned and run and offers all delicious Italian cuisine. Regina Pizza also offers delivery to guests and prepares takeaway pizza.


The Yoga Place
The Yoga Place is a few streets back from the front of the island. This is where a range of yoga classes and meditation courses are taken place. The Yoga Place is known for being a peaceful escape from the busyness of the central of the island. Here is the only vegetarian restaurant in the whole island. There is healthy, vegetarian cuisine here to fit the peaceful, healthy vibe of The Yoga Place.

Papaya juice with Greek Salad
Papaya juice with Greek Salad

Trawangan Dive Center
Trawangan Dive Center has a wide range of food to choose from. Trawangan Dive Center serves delicious smoothies and healthy juices as well as filling yet healthy salads. There is a small pool bar in one of the dive pools, so you can enjoy a cocktail or lunch time snack at the bar in the sunshine. Trawangan Dive also serves sushi in the evenings, this is one of the only places on the island that has sushi on the menu.


The Pearl Resort is a great place to eat during the day as if you spend IDR 100.000 or more you are then entitled to use The Pearl’s facilities. The Pearl has a large pool inside their resort and a small beach front area with a bar and deck chairs where you can be waited on whilst you enjoy the sun. The Pearl has a wide range of yummy tapas, cocktails and lunch and dinner meals to choose from. The Pearl is further out of the central along the coast towards the Southern side of island.


The Roast House
The Roast House and its small neigbouring restaurants is perfect for travelers on a budget or those who don’t feel like dressing up and going into the main strip of the island! The Roast House is all about roast chicken and roast meals. You can buy roast chickens to take away and roast dinners to eat there at a very affordable price. There is also delicious burgers and other meals available on the menu to choose from!


The Thai Garden
This is the first Thai restaurant on the island and one of the newest restaurants on the island. Although the restaurant is new, it is already known for their delicious Thai food made with imported spices.


Tir Na Nog
Tir Na Nog, the Irish bar of the Island is also located a short walk from the harbour yet still in the center of the island. The Irish bar is among other bars and restaurants. Tir Na Nog has a lively pub atmosphere just like other Irish bars in the world. Tir Na Nog has a wide range of pub food to offer. Burgers, roast dinners, pizzas, fajitas and other foods are included on the menu along with many cheap cocktails and beer to enjoy.

Irish bar Gili T
Irish bar Gili T

Snapper has been around for a number of years and is a perfect fix for western cravings. You will find Snapper restaurant located a few streets behind Dive Central Gili. Snapper is definitely known for the best fish and chips on the island.

Tourist Visa in Indonesia

We have an important message to send you lovely lot! So listen up…

Bali now allows citizens of NINETY TWO countries to enter on a FREE visa on arrival. However this does not apply to all Indonesian airports.

Before you arrive in Indonesia, we recommend you to do your research.
1. Check if your Country comes under the FREE visa on arrival
2. Check the airport you are flying in and out grants you with a FREE visa on arrival.
3. If you are just intending to be in Indonesia 30 days of less your visa is therefore FREE. You cannot extend on this visa.

Follow the link to check if your Country is on the list for FREE visa on arrival
Here is where the problems come in…
Some traveler’s vacation have been coming to a stressful end when departing an Indonesian airport. This is often the adventurous travelers who are exploring more than one part of Indonesia.

Indonesian Airports
Indonesian Airports from 

Some travelers have been entering Bali on the FREE visa on arrival and after traveling Bali they have gone on to explore Lombok. We do encourage you to explore and go on ultimate adventures in beautiful Lombok, however you will have trouble departing Lombok with the FREE visa on arrival that you received in Bali.

The FREE visa on arrival unfortunately does not apply in Lombok. With Lombok being Bali’s sister island, just 1 hour away by fast boat this can come to a surprise to travelers, so we want to spread the message!

It has all been getting a bit complicated and messy and the new rules are a bit ridiculous.

There have been happenings of travelers going to depart from Lombok with their FREE visa on arrival but were told by Immigration to book a domestic flight to Bali or one of the Indonesian countries that allow the FREE visa on arrival and were not allowed to depart from Lombok.

Once receiving the FREE visa on arrival , you cannot buy a new tourist visa. Therefore you must depart from an Indonesian airport that has FREE visa status.


Those of you wanting to extend your 30 Day Tourist Visa in Indonesia, you can do this. Tourist can extend their stay in Indonesia up to another 30 days.
BUT, but, but.. You can only extend this visa if you have paid the $35 US Dollar on arrival. So if you arrive with the FREE visa on arrival you will not be able to extend. This is something for travelers to think about, plan approximately how long you intend on staying in Indonesia for and if it is worth playing the $35 US Dollar on arrival, if you have no fixed plans. As like many of us, you may find Indonesia steals your heart and you want to stay as long as possible!

All in all, watch out for these tricks. It’s best to avoid any immigration problems or small errors that could potentially ruin your time in wonderful Indonesia!


Enjoy your time in beautiful Indonesia!

The first visit to Gili Trawangan

I always remember the feeling of the first arrival in Gili Trawangan. When the fast boat pulled into shore and I stared in awe at the ocean. Is this the most clear ocean in the world? I’m sure almost everyone thinks to themselves too when docking at shore.

The fast boat feels so busy filled with excitement. All of the fellow travelers eager to get off the fast boat and jump off into paradise, wanting to go explore and find out what this tropical island has to offer!
I stepped off the from the fast boat and as my foot sunk into the powdery white sand, I remember smiling to myself and thinking ‘I’m home’. I began looking around in amazement at this busy, tiny paradise island. My heart started to warm and in that moment, Gili T took a piece of my heart.

Arriving in Gili T
Arriving in Gili T

I had never experienced an immediate connection to a place like I did with Gili Trawangan. I have always heard about home not being a place but a feeling and I never really understood that until the moment I arrived in Gili T. Isn’t it funny how someone can decide that this is the home they have been searching for when they only just arrived? I looked around at the beach, the ocean, the dusty street and I thought why would anyone want to leave this place?
Gili Trawangan is filled with Cidomos, these are horse and carts for transport and when you stumble at the harbour with all your luggage you will see all the cidomos lined up.
Behind the cidomos I could see the spas, shops and even an ATM. This island is a tiny island and it’s highest form of transport is a horse and cart on dusty, dirt road yet we are surrounded by some western like shops. Gili Trawangan has the best of both worlds.
I think this is why Gili Trawangan is so perfect. It really has the best of both worlds, it is a simple island surrounded by the most beautiful white sand, dusty roads, amazing reef, local food and children playing care free. Yet we also have mini mart like shops, restaurants, luxury resorts, bars and clubs giving a western feel.
I had already learnt from Bali that I absolutely adored the local Indonesian people and wanted to be apart of their life and culture. This feeling continued to grow from being in Gili Trawangan, the people are so happy from the simple things in life. Their energy and the energy of the island pulls you in and I promise you that you will feel this energy. You will leave a piece of yourself embedded in the sand just like I did and you will take a piece of Gili with you. An unforgettable feeling and an experience – whatever it may be.
My love for Gili Trawangan began to grow from the moment stepping off the fast boat from Bali to each and every day feeling incredibly blessed to have found such a wonderful place.
I had never seen so many turtles until I went snorkeling in Gili T. The Gili Islands lived up to their reputation as the turtle capital of the world. These wonderful creatures spread magic around the ocean for all of us lucky enough to see! If you give the time to search, you will see these beautiful creatures and so many of them. Snorkel trips are offered daily in Gili T this gives you the opportunity to explore what the amazing ocean has to offer.
By my third day in Gili T, I discovered I had a love for diving. I never had considered diving before arriving in Indonesia. I figured I would be silly not to in such a incredible place, so I booked my first dive. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I had made throughout my whole trip. My first dive was amazing and I knew a few meters in that diving was for me! It wasn’t just the dive that made my trip so great, it was the great people I met whilst doing it, the awesome instructors and friendly staff.
Just like me, you will fall in love with every sunset each day. It’s impossible not to. Gili T is blessed with spectacular sunsets with a view of Mount Agung – Bali and a view of Lombok. Even on a cloudy day, the sunsets paint the sky with colour – what a perfect way to end your day!
As the trip went on I realized something. The fast boat companies know us all too well and that is why they created a Open Fast Boat ticket because just like many others, I extended my stay. I didn’t want to leave Gili Trawangan and in that I decided not to – not yet.
I spent days cycling around the island, enjoying yoga and diving and learning more and more about myself each day.

Gili Trawangan Harbour
Gili Trawangan Harbour

I dreaded getting back onto the fast boat to leave the island I now considered home. But with that thought I knew I would be back. So I smiled and took it all in as I left on the fast boat to Bali. Now I plan for my next adventure to Gili Trawangan.

I urge you all in Bali or Lombok or those planning their trip to Indonesia, to travel to Gili Trawangan. To fall in love with the place the same way I did.



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