The first visit to Gili Trawangan

I always remember the feeling of the first arrival in Gili Trawangan. When the fast boat pulled into shore and I stared in awe at the ocean. Is this the most clear ocean in the world? I’m sure almost everyone thinks to themselves too when docking at shore.

The fast boat feels so busy filled with excitement. All of the fellow travelers eager to get off the fast boat and jump off into paradise, wanting to go explore and find out what this tropical island has to offer!
I stepped off the from the fast boat and as my foot sunk into the powdery white sand, I remember smiling to myself and thinking ‘I’m home’. I began looking around in amazement at this busy, tiny paradise island. My heart started to warm and in that moment, Gili T took a piece of my heart.

Arriving in Gili T
Arriving in Gili T

I had never experienced an immediate connection to a place like I did with Gili Trawangan. I have always heard about home not being a place but a feeling and I never really understood that until the moment I arrived in Gili T. Isn’t it funny how someone can decide that this is the home they have been searching for when they only just arrived? I looked around at the beach, the ocean, the dusty street and I thought why would anyone want to leave this place?
Gili Trawangan is filled with Cidomos, these are horse and carts for transport and when you stumble at the harbour with all your luggage you will see all the cidomos lined up.
Behind the cidomos I could see the spas, shops and even an ATM. This island is a tiny island and it’s highest form of transport is a horse and cart on dusty, dirt road yet we are surrounded by some western like shops. Gili Trawangan has the best of both worlds.
I think this is why Gili Trawangan is so perfect. It really has the best of both worlds, it is a simple island surrounded by the most beautiful white sand, dusty roads, amazing reef, local food and children playing care free. Yet we also have mini mart like shops, restaurants, luxury resorts, bars and clubs giving a western feel.
I had already learnt from Bali that I absolutely adored the local Indonesian people and wanted to be apart of their life and culture. This feeling continued to grow from being in Gili Trawangan, the people are so happy from the simple things in life. Their energy and the energy of the island pulls you in and I promise you that you will feel this energy. You will leave a piece of yourself embedded in the sand just like I did and you will take a piece of Gili with you. An unforgettable feeling and an experience – whatever it may be.
My love for Gili Trawangan began to grow from the moment stepping off the fast boat from Bali to each and every day feeling incredibly blessed to have found such a wonderful place.
I had never seen so many turtles until I went snorkeling in Gili T. The Gili Islands lived up to their reputation as the turtle capital of the world. These wonderful creatures spread magic around the ocean for all of us lucky enough to see! If you give the time to search, you will see these beautiful creatures and so many of them. Snorkel trips are offered daily in Gili T this gives you the opportunity to explore what the amazing ocean has to offer.
By my third day in Gili T, I discovered I had a love for diving. I never had considered diving before arriving in Indonesia. I figured I would be silly not to in such a incredible place, so I booked my first dive. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I had made throughout my whole trip. My first dive was amazing and I knew a few meters in that diving was for me! It wasn’t just the dive that made my trip so great, it was the great people I met whilst doing it, the awesome instructors and friendly staff.
Just like me, you will fall in love with every sunset each day. It’s impossible not to. Gili T is blessed with spectacular sunsets with a view of Mount Agung – Bali and a view of Lombok. Even on a cloudy day, the sunsets paint the sky with colour – what a perfect way to end your day!
As the trip went on I realized something. The fast boat companies know us all too well and that is why they created a Open Fast Boat ticket because just like many others, I extended my stay. I didn’t want to leave Gili Trawangan and in that I decided not to – not yet.
I spent days cycling around the island, enjoying yoga and diving and learning more and more about myself each day.

Gili Trawangan Harbour
Gili Trawangan Harbour

I dreaded getting back onto the fast boat to leave the island I now considered home. But with that thought I knew I would be back. So I smiled and took it all in as I left on the fast boat to Bali. Now I plan for my next adventure to Gili Trawangan.

I urge you all in Bali or Lombok or those planning their trip to Indonesia, to travel to Gili Trawangan. To fall in love with the place the same way I did.



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