Tourist Visa in Indonesia

We have an important message to send you lovely lot! So listen up…

Bali now allows citizens of NINETY TWO countries to enter on a FREE visa on arrival. However this does not apply to all Indonesian airports.

Before you arrive in Indonesia, we recommend you to do your research.
1. Check if your Country comes under the FREE visa on arrival
2. Check the airport you are flying in and out grants you with a FREE visa on arrival.
3. If you are just intending to be in Indonesia 30 days of less your visa is therefore FREE. You cannot extend on this visa.

Follow the link to check if your Country is on the list for FREE visa on arrivalĀ
Here is where the problems come in…
Some traveler’s vacation have been coming to a stressful end when departing an Indonesian airport. This is often the adventurous travelers who are exploring more than one part of Indonesia.

Indonesian Airports
Indonesian Airports fromĀ 

Some travelers have been entering Bali on the FREE visa on arrival and after traveling Bali they have gone on to explore Lombok. We do encourage you to explore and go on ultimate adventures in beautiful Lombok, however you will have trouble departing Lombok with the FREE visa on arrival that you received in Bali.

The FREE visa on arrival unfortunately does not apply in Lombok. With Lombok being Bali’s sister island, just 1 hour away by fast boat this can come to a surprise to travelers, so we want to spread the message!

It has all been getting a bit complicated and messy and the new rules are a bit ridiculous.

There have been happenings of travelers going to depart from Lombok with their FREE visa on arrival but were told by Immigration to book a domestic flight to Bali or one of the Indonesian countries that allow the FREE visa on arrival and were not allowed to depart from Lombok.

Once receiving the FREE visa on arrival , you cannot buy a new tourist visa. Therefore you must depart from an Indonesian airport that has FREE visa status.


Those of you wanting to extend your 30 Day Tourist Visa in Indonesia, you can do this. Tourist can extend their stay in Indonesia up to another 30 days.
BUT, but, but.. You can only extend this visa if you have paid the $35 US Dollar on arrival. So if you arrive with the FREE visa on arrival you will not be able to extend. This is something for travelers to think about, plan approximately how long you intend on staying in Indonesia for and if it is worth playing the $35 US Dollar on arrival, if you have no fixed plans. As like many of us, you may find Indonesia steals your heart and you want to stay as long as possible!

All in all, watch out for these tricks. It’s best to avoid any immigration problems or small errors that could potentially ruin your time in wonderful Indonesia!


Enjoy your time in beautiful Indonesia!