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Gili Trawangan – Where to eat?
Gili Trawangan, the busiest island of the three Gilis has transformed quickly to a paradise island with a cosmopolitan town.
Gili Trawangan has a wide selection of restaurants to choose from.
When you arrive on the fast boat from Bali or Lombok, you may be feeling hungry and exhausted after your early morning journey to paradise!

Don’t worry the harbour is in the central of the island where you will find many restaurants and bars, so you can stop for a snack before heading to your hotel!


Kayu Cafe
Kayu cafe opened in 2013. Since then Kayu cafe has easily had the best reputation on the island for breakfast and afternoon snacks.

Kayu cafe is popular for its delicious cakes and coffee. Kayu cafe offers a range of deserts and cakes, including Raw chocolate, healthy protein balls and raw protein bars. Otherwise if your feeling like a naughty snack, it is hard to resist the range of delicious cakes they have to offer.
Kayu has a western feel inside and out. On a hot day, Kayu is a perfect spot to enjoy a salad or sandwich away from the sun, inside with cold air-con. You can also choose to sit outside facing the beach, in the open air, stylish wooden venue, made from antique wood.

Kayu Cafe Gili Trawangan
Kayu Cafe Gili T


Pesona Resort
Pesona is just a short walk from the harbour but still remains in the hub of the island. Pesona Resort is among other restaurants in the central of the island and sits on the beach front facing out to the ocean.
Pesona Resort is a great place to eat, being the only Indian restaurant on the island! Pesona is known for serving delicious Indian treats made with imported spices. As well as the delicious food, they also offer sheesha. Each table has sheesha with a range of flavours to choose from. With Pesona’s comfortable settings, it is hard to say no to sheesha and cocktails after enjoying a yummy Indian meal. Cocktails are another favourite here, with happy hour daily in the evening. This is the perfect place to sit back, relax and dine whilst watching island life go by. 

Indian Cuisine
Indian Cuisine

Scally Wags
Scally Wags is located beach front on the southern side of the island. Just a little away from the central. You will see Scally Wags is located where you can watch beautiful views of Lomboks coast and Mount Rinjani. Scally Wags is well known for it’s popular, busy venue with a wide range of food. Scally Wags offers BBQ with fresh fish and meat to choose from and delicious meals prepared in the kitchen. Scally Wags is accompanied with a busy, lively atmosphere suitable for all people; couples, families and groups of friends!

Le Pirate Beach Club

Le Pirate Beach Club is a newly open resort on the island. Le Pirate is a great location to escape from the center and enjoy resort life. The food at Le Pirate is great, here you can use the facilities when you purchase a meal or maybe if you feel like a few cocktails. Le Pirate serve fresh coconuts, delicious smoothies and cocktails as well as great food. Their pool is over looking the beach and out to Lombok. On a clear day you can also see Bali. 

Regina Pizza
Regina Pizza easily has the most delicious pizza on the island, as well as delicious they are big enough to share. Regina pizza is located on the second street of the island directly one street behind the harbour. Regina Pizza is Italian owned and run and offers all delicious Italian cuisine. Regina Pizza also offers delivery to guests and prepares takeaway pizza.


The Yoga Place
The Yoga Place is a few streets back from the front of the island. This is where a range of yoga classes and meditation courses are taken place. The Yoga Place is known for being a peaceful escape from the busyness of the central of the island. Here is the only vegetarian restaurant in the whole island. There is healthy, vegetarian cuisine here to fit the peaceful, healthy vibe of The Yoga Place.

Papaya juice with Greek Salad
Papaya juice with Greek Salad

Trawangan Dive Center
Trawangan Dive Center has a wide range of food to choose from. Trawangan Dive Center serves delicious smoothies and healthy juices as well as filling yet healthy salads. There is a small pool bar in one of the dive pools, so you can enjoy a cocktail or lunch time snack at the bar in the sunshine. Trawangan Dive also serves sushi in the evenings, this is one of the only places on the island that has sushi on the menu.


The Pearl Resort is a great place to eat during the day as if you spend IDR 100.000 or more you are then entitled to use The Pearl’s facilities. The Pearl has a large pool inside their resort and a small beach front area with a bar and deck chairs where you can be waited on whilst you enjoy the sun. The Pearl has a wide range of yummy tapas, cocktails and lunch and dinner meals to choose from. The Pearl is further out of the central along the coast towards the Southern side of island.


The Roast House
The Roast House and its small neigbouring restaurants is perfect for travelers on a budget or those who don’t feel like dressing up and going into the main strip of the island! The Roast House is all about roast chicken and roast meals. You can buy roast chickens to take away and roast dinners to eat there at a very affordable price. There is also delicious burgers and other meals available on the menu to choose from!


The Thai Garden
This is the first Thai restaurant on the island and one of the newest restaurants on the island. Although the restaurant is new, it is already known for their delicious Thai food made with imported spices.


Tir Na Nog
Tir Na Nog, the Irish bar of the Island is also located a short walk from the harbour yet still in the center of the island. The Irish bar is among other bars and restaurants. Tir Na Nog has a lively pub atmosphere just like other Irish bars in the world. Tir Na Nog has a wide range of pub food to offer. Burgers, roast dinners, pizzas, fajitas and other foods are included on the menu along with many cheap cocktails and beer to enjoy.

Irish bar Gili T
Irish bar Gili T

Snapper has been around for a number of years and is a perfect fix for western cravings. You will find Snapper restaurant located a few streets behind Dive Central Gili. Snapper is definitely known for the best fish and chips on the island.