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What to consider when you are choosing your fast boat

Easy Gili Transfers offers a range of fast boats, therefore you have the opportunity to choose the fast boat company that suits you best!
Our first bit of advice we want to give you is; CHECK your LOCATION – Where are you? Where are you planning on being when you depart Bali to Gilis or Lombok. This is important as some fast boats depart from Serangan harbour or Padang Bai harbour.
Most fast boats depart daily from Padang Bai. If you are closer to Serangan harbour area you may want to check the fast boats departing from there. Departing from Serangan also means you need to consider that your boat journey will be longer than if you were departing from Padang Bai.
Check a map, you can see Padang Bai, Bali is much closer to Lombok and the Gilis.

Bali Colourful Map
Map of Bali via Pinterest

Next consider what time you would like to depart from Bali. There are a few fast boat companies that run in the morning and afternoon and even early evening. Depending what season you are in Bali, will determine what company is still running their afternoon boats.
Marina SriKandi; one of the original fast boat companies runs from Padang Bai and has a number of fast boats leaving in the morning. Depending if it is high season or low season, Marina Sri Kandi runs afternoon fast boats from Gili Trawangan and Bali.

Marina Sri Kandi Fast Boat
Marina Sri Kandi Fast Boat

Maybe you aren’t a morning person and would like to travel from Bali to Gilis a little later than the six am wake up call to start your journey to Padang Bai.
You can also find the ten am pick up option where you can start your journey later in the morning. Check out our fast boats page for more info on the fast boats.
Next to consider.. Are you on a budget? How much is your budget? Check through the fast boat options when booking for the best and most affordable fast boat company for you.
The fast boats are various prices, some costing a similar amount and some being more expensive by quite a bit.
All fast boats we offer are safe and reliable, yet some offer more options and are smaller with less customers to provide an easy, straight forward journey. Some boat companies, which are usually more expensive than the average fast boat company gives you the choice to leave from Serangan harbour or Padang Bai.
On our booking page you will find the variety of fast boats and prices. Email us for any inquiries;


When you are returning back to Bali from Gilis or Lombok, remember to check in twenty four hours before. You will be advised this on the fast boat to your destination. It is important to do so, as fast boats can become full rather quickly, especially in high season. We actually ask you to consider checking in fourty eight hours before in high season to avoid disappointment especially the months July and August.

Now you can head over to our fast boat page to choose yours!