Senggigi, Lombok

Sengigi, Lombok

Senggigi is the main tourist strip in the whole of Lombok, Indonesia. Sengigi strip is full of souvenir shops, restaurants and small bars. Senggigi is the most popular desitination in Lombok but it still remains a quiet, beach town. Senggigi, like Kuta Bali, has a beach miles long reaching the north of Mataram City, Lombok.

Although Senggigi is just one hour by fast boat from Bali and twenty minutes from the developed Gili islands, it is yet to be anything like built up, Bali.

Senggigi tourism is always growing,  but it still has no large night clubs and night life suited for western tourists. Although there are small warungs, bars and some local karaoke bars for tourists to enjoy, there are no large, busy clubs like other holiday destinations.

Senggigi’s traffic is almost non existence, the laid back atmosphere and nature of the island carries right through, even in tourist areas. Senggigi is a perfect place to cruise around, location to location on motorbike or with car. The drive up and down the hills is a breathtaking drive with magnificent beach views of Senggigi beach and the harbour. Whilst looking over Lombok you almost always see the green, fresh scenery of palm trees and rice fields everywhere, even on the drive reaching Mataram City.

Sengigi is a special tourist destination because of the less developed town, yet tourists can still feel comfortable in. You will find spectacular holidays resorts next to quiet local warungs and close by primitive villages.

Senggigi, is often compared to Bali twenty years ago because of their similarities of the green natural scenery, laid back towns and hippy travelers traveling through. Senggigi all together is a special place and we urge you to travel there whilst the town remains a beautiful, peaceful beach town. With the fast boat being just a one hour journey from Padang Bai, Bali. Lombok is a DO NOT MISS destination. We hope all travellers, travelling through Indonesia has the chance to visit Lombok to see a town for tourists, yet is incredibly beautiful and very Indonesian style.


The Surf

The surf in Lombok is a less crowded version of Bali surf. Surfing in Senggigi is usually ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers, the surf usually hits Senggigi throughout the year. The surf break is directly in front of Senggigi Beach hotel, which is the centre of Senggigi. Senggigi also can have big surf , breaking in shallow water over the sharp reef, this is suited for advanced and experienced surfers.

Senggigi Surf
Senggigi Surf

The Diving

In Senggigi you will find numerous Dive Centres, in Senggigi you can dive at Senggigi beach breakwater. The shallow dive here is around 6 to 8 meters deep and there is also another dive a little deeper. The shallow dive is among all the rocks and coral and the deeper dive you will find bigger tropical fishes. Most dive centres will travel on the boat to the Gili islands and have 2 to 3 dives there in the day, this is a wonderful adventure out from Senggigi. Gili islands has amazing marine life, such a great coral, sharks, turtles, a ship wreck and rays.

Turtles in Gili
Turtles in Gili

The Food

Along Sengigi strip you will find various restaurants, there are many local warungs where you will find cheap Indonesian food. BBQs with fresh fish and other meat options. There are affordable, fine dining, western restaurants such as Asmara. Asmara is an affordable, fine dining restaurant in the centre of Senggigi, it is a popular restaurants for expats and tourists visiting Senggigi. Asmara serves various western delights and wines. There are also other cheaper western restaurants where you can buy a meal and a drink for under $5. Warung Belindo Roast House is one of the newest small restaurants, with roast chicken dinners, sandwiches and homemade fries and western treats, Warung Belindo Roast House offers free home delivery to anyone staying in Senggigi.

The Shopping

Senggigi has many souvenir shops along the strip. You will find the standard Indonesian souvenirs, such as clothes, sarongs, ordiments and home feautres. There are also a few small boutiques full of home furniture and ordiments and boutique clothing. The Pink Coconut boutique is a clothing shop in Senggigi which stocks many high street favourites from Bali. The store is full of fashionable womans clothes and home ware, the shop is often compared to Bamboo Blonde and other women clothing shops in Bali.

The Pink Coconut, Senggigi
The Pink Coconut, Senggigi

The Waterfalls

The waterfalls at Senaru is a 2 hour drive from Senggigi, but is a popular day trip for tourists staying in Senggigi. It is easy to organize a driver for a day from any tourist information in Senggigi. You can also rent motorbikes to travel to the waterfalls. When arriving at the waterfalls, you will find the first waterfall, this waterfall is great for photos and for the views. The next waterfall is where you can swim, it is about a forty minute treck to reach this waterfall. When reaching the next waterfall, it feels freezing considering you are in South East Asia, but it is so refreshing. The scenery and views are amazing on the way to the second waterfall and when you arrive, the waterfall looks and feels wonderful!