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The Two Sides of Gili Trawangan


Gili Trawangan, the biggest of the three Gili islands has now grown into one of the top destinations in the world! Gili Trawangan often referred to as Gili T is on most travellers wish list!

Travellers are travelling to Bali and Lombok just to reach Gili Trawangan by fast boat!



Gili Trawangan everywhere! If your not there, then your hearing about it, if your not hearing about it then your scrolling past photos of the island on social media!

Bali has kept its place in one of the top destinations in the whole entire world for a while now. But now people are arriving in Bali just so they can have the Gili experience!


Padang Bai, Bali is filled with thousands of tourists daily passing through to reach Gili Trawangan by fast boat. Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno actually belong to Lombok – Bali’s sister island.


All three Gili islands are popular. Particularly Gili Air is growing in popularity every day, catching up with Gili Trawangan.


Most tourists are taken away by the laid back, island vibe. When arriving in the Gilis, most tourists are often stunned by the colour of the ocean when they stare out from the fast boat. The islands are so tiny, they have no cars – just horse and cart and push bikes. Most streets are dirt tracks and sandy, with the main street following the edge of the beach around the island.


It is not unusual to hear travellers say ‘I want a photo on the swing’ or ‘Where is the ocean swing?’ when arriving in Gili Trawangan! Villa Ombak created a vintage looking swing in the shore of the ocean in front of their hotel, making this a world wide attraction. You can find famous photos of the vintage looking swing on all social media apps and sites! This swing most definitely helped boost Gili Trawangan in becoming so famous.


Ombak Sunset Swing
Ombak Sunset Swing


But what is it exactly that travellers love about Gili T? Why do backpackers adore this tiny island so much?

Most travellers put it down to the ‘two sidesĀ of the island’

Gili Trawangan, is a beautiful island. It is just how most people would picture paradise to look like. The crystal clear ocean, white dusty sand and laid back nature. The island has a reggae vibe to the island with many raster locals and the main bar being a reggae bar. People love the fact that there isn’t much to do except simply.. Relax! Most days are spent in the ocean and on the beach… Divers from all around the world visit the Gilis to dive and often the Gilis will steal their hearts.

Tourists from all around the world gather at sunset for bonfires, drumming and beers. The Gilis has a reputation for having the best sunsets!

After sunset is where the other side of Gili T creeps out… Gili Trawangan is the party island. Gili T is famous and often referred to as the party island! Each night a different bar owns the night and all travellers gather together in one location to party! Backpackers love to party in Gili Trawangan as it has a unique party rule… There is only one party in one location every night. Tourists are guaranteed to see each other again, Saturday night is the famous Sama Sama reggae bar. Sunday night is Evolution bar and so on….

Twice a month Gili Trawangan has their famous beach parties. Full moon and dark moon party! Everyone on the island comes together at Surf bar – the surf point of the island and parties until sunrise.

Travellers love the freedom of the island, it’s kind of a dream – beautiful and relaxed by day and wild and free by night.

The nature of the island draws people back again and again. It isn’t often you hear of a traveller being to Gili T just once! The island is special and often referred to as a backpackers ‘favourite place in the whole of South East Asia’


Now, you decide… What do you think of the famous, tiny Gili Trawangan?!


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