Five reasons to visit Lombok

Five reasons why you should visit Lombok
Lombok is just one hour away from Bali by fast boat, so why not travel and explore whilst your in Indonesia? Though Bali and Lombok are so close in distance they are yet so far away, similarities wise. Lombok remains very untouched and not yet commercialized. Lombok is outstanding for it’s natural, green views and landscapes. Lombok has so much to be discovered, here are five awesome things to see and do in Lombok!
1. Surfing
Lombok, like Bali has amazing surf locations. Lombok holds surf towns that are the homes to professional surfers who surf worldwide for huge brands like Rip Curl. Surf towns such as Desert Point is perfect for strong surfers and professional surfers! Desert Point isn’t only blessed with a great swell but the location is untouched and still a very primitive part of Indonesia. You could get to know the locals, see them in their villages and how they live a remarkably different life to western culture. Desert Point is surrounded by beautiful white sound beaches and amazing views. Another great surf location in Lombok is Kuta and Gerupuk, again these areas are very untouched and not at all commercial.

Ripcurl surfer Usman Trioko at Desert Point
Ripcurl surfer Usman Trioko at Desert Point

2. Mount Rinjani
Mount Rinjani is an active Volcano in Indonesia, located in wonderful Lombok. It is the second highest volcano in the whole of Indonesia. Its first erruption on record was in 1847 and it’s most recent erruption was October 2004. Mount Rinjani is climbable by most fit visitors to Lombok. Therefore if you are visiting Lombok and keen for a challenge and a amazing achievement, Mount Rinjani is a great recommendation! Trecking to the crater usually takes two days and one night where you reach the lip of the Crater and the Crater lake views are incredible! Depending on your ability you can also choose which packages you would like, two days one night, three days two nights, four days three nights, five days four nights and six days five nights. Rinjani has amazing scenery, waterfalls, wildlife, caves, rainforests and hot springs. Bookings are available online or at most tourist information shops and centers in Lombok.
3. The Gili Islands
The three Gili Islands are tiny paradise islands that belong to Lombok. Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. If you are on vacation in Lombok it would be silly to miss out visiting the Gili Islands with it being extremely close by fast boat. The Gili Islands have no vehicles. Cycling, horse carts and your own feet will get you around on this small island. Although Gili T is a tiny island, it is well advanced and has numerous luxury villas, restaurants and resorts to visit with a busy nightlife. Gili Trawangan is famous for being a ‘party island’. Hundreds of backpackers visit every day for it’s lively night life. Gili Meno is next to Gili Trawangan and is the less developed island. It is the smallest of the three and the most untouched. Gili Air is more developed but is known for being a quiet paradise, perfect for couples. There is a choice of resorts and luxury villas to choose from. The Gili Islands are one of the top destinations in the whole world for being a wonderful paradise with top diving.

Gili Trawangan
Gili Trawangan

4. Pink Beach
Pink Beach is one of Lomboks famous beaches. There are only two pink sand beaches in Indonesia and one is located in Lombok. When you look closely at the sand you can see the sand is actually white with crushed pink coral making the sand look like a pink colour. Other than this the beach is also surrounded by beautiful natural scenery this being the cherry on the top for why the place is so incredible. Everyone wants to visit a paradise powder, white sand beach but why not go that extra step up to a unique pink beach. Here you will have great photo opportunities of both the pink beach and amazing natural scenery.
All of Lombok must see, must do things are all amazing. When we narrow it down, it is because of the real, Indonesian vibe and view these locations have. Lombok is not yet destroyed by billboard signs, thousands of fast food western restaurants and the commercial side that takes away the natural Indonesia feel. We highly recommend Lombok to travelers who want to explore and go on adventures, get to know the locals and see the real side of a country and culture. Lombok doesn’t have huge buildings and sky scrapers, it is all very green and beautiful. Even just a few minutes out of Mataram City you are already driving past greenery endlessly.
Although the Gili islands are very touristy and commercial they are still saved a little by the fact the Gili islands have a height restriction, meaning businesses cannot build too high. This keeps the beach town vibe of all the small buildings and shops located just off the white sand beaches.

Driving through Lombok
Driving through Lombok

We hope this has helped you reconsider jumping over on the fast boat to Lombok from Bali in the future!

We look forward to seeing you in Lombok

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Bali and Lombok are quite, so different. Catching the fast boat means you arrive at your destination in one hour to visit a different side of Indonesia.
Bali, our busy, commercial island to laid back, lazy Lombok. With fast boats running daily and at an affordable rate, why would you miss out the chance to visit the other islands?

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